Web Design and the WordPress CMS

28 October 2020
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28 October 2020 JM Digital

Web Design and the WordPress CMS

The relevance of web design has been in constant growth ever since the internet became a public place for the entire world to visit.

The need for websites to be designed for any type of product or service is huge, but now that we are heading into a world that caters to remote work and a digital approach to interaction, the creation of a website has become crucial for the success of any business.

Being able to choose the best platform or system to design your website is going to be just as important due to many factors. The most common way to do this is to implement a Content Management System and WordPress has shown to be the best option available.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a Content Management System that was released as an open source platform. This means that a large community of programmers and developers have been working on creating new features and extensions to the platform that are known as plugins.

This community has become so large that anyone can gain access to a large database of Q&A for the system and this makes it extremely easy for people without any web development knowledge to learn to use this CMS and come up with a great looking design.

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Why is WordPress the best choice?

WordPress has been quite reliable in the process of helping business owners engage their audience without needing to hire a professional web designer to create a great looking website. The following is a list of reasons why WordPress is the best choice for this purpose.

The Price

The most notable reason why WordPress is the best solution for web design is that it’s completely free to use. There are many added plugins that charge for the use of their advanced features, but the core WordPress CMS features are free and this makes it very accessible.

The large collection of themes

One of the most appealing aspects of WordPress is that users have access to a large number of great designs that they can use for their website. These themes come in different colours, header dimensions, and structures. You can browse through a large catalogue of styles in order to find one that fits your needs.

Some are:

The SEO friendly features

The way that this CMS was built is search engine friendly and this means that it will be easier for you to rank your website on top engines like Google if you are using WordPress.

The safety features

Once you develop a website with the WordPress CMS, you can have peace of mind that this is one of the safest options available. There are many other CMS available online, but this one implements very reliable safety measures to avoid hacking.

The intuitive interface

There are many complex things that you can do with WordPress, but the interface to create a great looking website with a professional style is quite intuitive. This is easy to see when you find that many people with no web design experience are able to create functional websites after only a few hours of learning to use the platform.

The responsive design features

Another highly appealing aspect of WordPress is that every single theme that is available on the platform right now is responsive. This means that your website is going to be mobile friendly from the moment you launch it and you won’t need to do anything except for installing the theme of your choice.

The large community support

If you ever feel like you have doubts about how a specific WordPress feature works, all you need to do is access one of the countless support communities for this platform and you will get the answers you need.

This community is so vast due to how popular this CMS has become and that is one of the key reasons why it continues to grow larger as more people are learning how to use the platform and also contributing their knowledge to help newcomers.

The plugin library

Plugins are like extensions to the WordPress CMS that allow you to add specific features to your websites. For example, the basic contact form for WordPress is quite limited, but you can download plugins to enhance it and to add more fields and customize the way it looks.

This is just one example of the vast number of options available. You can find plugins for slideshows, for calendars, for pop-up windows, for newsletters, etc. Most of them have paid versions with extra features, but there are plenty of free plugins to help you create a great website with as many features as you require.

The availability in most hosting plans

Most website hosting services are going to offer packages that include WordPress. This is a very practical aspect of this CMS, as it only requires a couple of clicks to be installed and to start customizing the design.

Some of the web hosting providers are:

WordPress statistics

  • The latest studies and calculations on the internet show that 35% of the entire internet is powered by WordPress in 2020
  • If you narrow this down to sites that are built on a CMS, this means that over 60% of all the websites that are currently on the web are using WordPress
  • Every single month there are at least 400 million visitors to WordPress websites
  • Close to 28% of all eCommerce websites are using WooCommerce, an open source platform built for WordPress
  • There are over 50,000 available plugins for the WordPress community
  • There are over 3,500 licensed themes for the WordPress Community

Final thoughts

The internet will continue to evolve as we head into a very exciting time for the digital world, but the use of WordPress in the coming decade seems to be a clear winner for web design solutions.

It’s safe to say that this particular content management system has achieved incredible results so far, and it makes sense that it will continue to lead the web design market for those who want a practical and powerful solution.

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