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Web Design, Development & Optimisation

Web Design

When someone visits your website, the content, the look, the loading speeds and the initial impression are going to determine what happens within the first 7 seconds. This visitor is either going to leave or gain interest in the content and stay for a longer period of time. This is going to increase your chances of turning that visitor into a paying customer.
The process of gating an optimal website that meets industry standards requires vast knowledge in modern digital marketing. We have the skills and experience to guarantee that your website is going to launch with the most reliable results.
Every single website is going to require a different approach depending on the niche. This means that the design needs to cater to a certain demographic and the content has to provide the same level of engagement.
Our team is able to provide an outstanding design with the most popular CMS solutions to ensure that you can easily update the content without complications. We also provide a full service with maintenance and updates in case you feel that you don’t have time to handle this process.

Purchase decisions

Over 93% of purchase decisions are going to start with a search on Google

Unattractive web design

Over 94% of website visitors say that an unattractive web design has been a determining factor in their decision to leave

Bad shopping experience

Over 90% of buyers will go to a competitor site after a single bad shopping experience

Mobile friendly

More than 70%of users will only buy at a website that is mobile friendly

Load time

83% of website visitors expect a website to load within 3 to 4 seconds tops


JM Digital Team

3 Essential Elements

There are 3 essential elements that make a great web design and they include the following:

Professional coding and design

This is essential if you want your website to load fast and to have an appealing look that is going to attract people.

We know exactly what kind of design works for any given niche and we will customize your website look & feel and use high resolution images to supercharge engagement and conversions.

If a website has improper coding, it will be plagued with bugs and issues that are going to make visitors leave and choose a competitor’s service.

Search engine optimized

A website is only as good as the SEO that is implemented into the process. We are aware of the importance of creating a solid website that services as the core of your Search Engine Optimization strategy.
When a website is developed and designed properly, search engines are going to index the content much faster and this means you will start to rank higher within a shorter period of time.

Engaging content

This is going to be a crucial part of any web design and ultimately, it’s the content that convinces people to become your customers. We have a team of highly skilled writers that can turn your website copy into a true conversion magnet.
Content is still king and the quality and consistency of your content will be a determining factor in your success. We can provide an ongoing service to create new content for your website on a weekly basis to help you climb the ranks even faster.

Why is a website so essential for success?

The world has seen some drastic changes in the last few months and we are adapting to a whole new way of life. The biggest change is that the world has shifted to a digital way of life faster than ever before. People who used to prefer offline shopping are not using the internet even to buy groceries.
This shift is only going to continue to grow and any business that is unable to adapt to those changes is not going to be able to remain competitive. The best way to adapt and to evolve is to create a website that meets the demands of the modern internet user.
We can handle every aspect of this process for you and we can guarantee the best outcome for a competitive price. Your business depends on your ability to create a strong digital presence, and you can have peace of mind when you decide to hire us to help you get through this process.
Contact us today and we will evaluate your business to come up with the best approach for your web design needs!



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Web Development

Creative and technically inclined latest practices with impressive, intuitive, and responsive website design to make your website functional and easy to use, but at the same time make it aesthetically appealing to your user and help you to boost your conversion rate and increase sales

Creative Design & Branding

Building strong brands for small and medium business into potential brands, creating, redesigning and refreshing a distinct identity for your product, service or company reflecting who you are and connect with your potential customers.

Search Engine Optimisation

Focused on growing your website’s visibility in organic search engine results, it combines both technical and creative elements to drive more quality and quantity traffic and higher conversions utilising the best practices that is an important aspect of having a successful online business

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Communicate your mission, values, and brand personality to positively impact customer retentio
Brand Design
  • Logo Design
  • Logo variations and sizes
  • Business card
  • Competitor research
  • Market research and audit
  • Fount and couor recommendations
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Stationary design (envelop and letterhead)
  • 3 Social Media cover designs
  • Branding and Marketing Recommedations

Content Creation

Increase your digital presence with high quality content
Enterprise desk
  • Content creation for Case Studies
  • Content Creation for White Papers
  • Content Creation for Blog posts
  • Content Creation for Social Media
  • Content creation for Websites
  • Original & high quality content
  • Content creation and translation in English & Spanish
  • SEO optimised content
  • Topic Research


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