John White

I'm Web Designer & UX Specialist at JM Digital

John White

Hello, I’m Web Designer & UX Specialist at JM Digital

John White

Who I am

I’m the responsible for gathering and evaluating user requirements in collaboration with managers and engineers. I illustrate design ideas, process flows and sitemaps and I design graphics for user interface elements such as tabs and menus or widgets for the website.

I create funtional and appealing features that help customers to reach their needs. Other resposibilities include developing UI mockups and prototypes to illustrates a website’s functionality and look & feel, and identify and troubleshoot UX issues such as resposiveness.

I plan and conduct user research and competitor analysis to interpret data, user storyies and buyer personas to determine which would be the best architecture. I create sitemaps and prototypes to conduct usability testing and ensure an exceptional webiste design and great user experience and comply with the highest possible standards for search engines.

"An essential aspect of creativity is not being afraid to fail."

Edwin Land

My Skills

We have created an awesome jobs that will help companies manage websites for their startups quickly and easily.

Creative Thinking

Ability to create new ideas and concepts to provide new answers to solve our clients’ problems, looking into new ways to bring the most innovative solutions to achieve the best results

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Web Design

Creative and analytical approach to understand the business needs. Ability to create the look, layout and features of a website to prioritise customer’s needs in cohesion with SEO, Analytics.

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UI Design

Great adaptability, collaboration and problem-solving. A user-centric minset with a great attention to detail and excellent design priciples to translate needs and objectives into a digital experience

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My Work

A deep understanding and knowledge of the strategy, it is important to develop an effective and success plan that connects the brand to the online consumer


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