We believe in a diverse range of people to bring creative skills,
thoughts, and ideas to the table.


We are a creative agency providing services in Ireland and Spain.
We leverage the strength that you have.

If you are looking to manage your Digital Marketing campaigns with a company, choose Us. We are hands-on and grateful for your performance as your success breeds ours. Our custom-made digital marketing strategies can power your website and other online marketing platforms to maximize the return on investment.

A digital force to count on

Our team of accomplices will stop at nothing to make sure that your audience sees your brand up because we look amazing only when you look good.

We aim to help client companies build meaningful and loyal relationships with their clients. By creating innovative, insightful, and useful content that engages consumers through multiple platforms, we can have a positive response to your people, goods, services, and brands.

We will make The Confusion simple

We will only concentrate on what’s important. We will ensure that your promotional activity is directly related to the growth goals of your company. We’ll use the success metrics that you use to ensure both of us are on the same page. We’ll ensure we can monitor and evaluate the impact of your advertisement. It helps us to continually optimize your campaign to boost its efficiency and return on investment.

With so many different digital channels and advertising platforms striving for your attention and your budget, knowing what to do and where to start can be confusing. The more choices there seem to be, the less obvious it is which one is right for you. Are you caught up in the headlights or your agency? Effective planning is all about consistency and still maintaining the emphasis on your business goals.


We are experts in our craft: ferocious, creative, controlled by people, and data-driven.
Of our technical experts, we find the most professional and committed professionals creating practical approaches to the most demanding business challenges. We concentrate on evidentiary success in everything we do because consistency isn’t about what we do.
This is just who we are.

We're creative, responsible, collaborative, and innovative

In addition, for brands to win, they have to understand the purpose of consumers, leverage the best digital platforms and systems to engage their customers, and convert them.

We excel in reaching the perfect balance between people and brands. Knowledge and to make choices. Data and Intentions. It is one of our specialties.

Turning to Inventiveness

You’ve come to the right place if you own a company, have ambitious growth goals, and are searching for an amazing partner to help you measurably boost your marketing efficiency and generate more web leads and sales.

"Make your like a masterpiece; imagine no limitations on what you can be, have or do."

Brian Tracy


We are a creative agency providing services in Ireland and Spain.
We leverage the strength that you have.


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We are a creative agency providing services in Ireland and Spain.
Where People Work And Bring Their Ideas To Life

Common Mission

We have a common mission to help company owners and marketing executives use technology and the Internet to boost their marketing and ROI efficiency measurably.

This starts by monitoring every single advertisement strategy accurately – even if your only strategy is your company website. Tracking will give you incredible insights about your business, which will profoundly change the way you look at advertising and marketing.

We helpe Startup and SMEs in all their nicheses to boost the visit-to-lead conversion rates for their website. But accurate analysis and monitoring (marketing analytics) is the basis, and the first step towards enhancing your marketing – and technology drives constant improvements in how much detail can be revealed about your business.

All it is About People

Digital marketing and social media are not about hits, likes, or follows. They’re about individuals. People buy from people they trust. Portray your brand and get in touch with the customer within.

While keeping our responsibilities in mind, as a business, ensure consistent profit-building to enable business growth and, in turn, ensure growth for all those who are part of this amazing journey.

Getting a strong digital presence may have the difference between making a sale and getting a competitor neglected.

We encourage competition from SMEs to home-based start-ups our clients range from all walks of life. Ask your, what’s our edge?


Dedication to Quality

At all times, we aim to provide our customers with the best support we can. This means not only using full project inspiration and encouragement but also looking for innovations and opportunities that can offer real benefits.

Passionate about our customers

Our digital marketing activities speak for themselves. We interact with brands and people who have a passion for the brands with which they are affiliated.

Growth and prosperity

We believe in using our experience, expertise, and abilities to develop great new ideas that will benefit our customers. Getting satisfied and productive customers is the best path for long-term growth and prosperity, both for our business and theirs.

Ann Brooklyn

Digital Marketing Strategy & SEO

Jesica C. Sanchez

Digital Marketing Manager

John White

Web Designer & UX


No two clients or situations are the same. Technologies, tools, platforms, and approaches are continuously evolving. But there is one constant that remains year in year out: how we help and handle each other’s clients.

Our core values built up our agency and held us strong. They’re how we assess ourselves at the end of each day, as well as the qualities we’re looking for in our staff, like suppliers, partners … even our clients.


Everything we do we love. It’s never work — it’s always enjoyable, and new challenges are being met with excitement.
We love our business, and our customers feel the same every day.


We know by being curious. We dive deep into your company and go beyond the “what” or the “when” to get to the “how” and the “why.”
Our marketing campaigns are fueled by curiosity.


We deliver what we pledge and add unforeseen value to our client’s business.
We always expect more of ourselves than our customers do.

Personalized Service

To get to know your business, we ask a lot of questions so we can anticipate and meet your needs. You’ll always feel like you’re our only client.


We are concerned with quality and consistent results. The bottom line is still Top of mind.
By innovation and optimization, trend lines shift upwards.

Integrity & Honesty

We act with integrity and honesty and we focus on putting ourselves in the shoes of others.

Evolve & Adapt

JM Digital people are smart, and smart people know that always can be better. We believe your time here should make people better.
Mistakes are normal and allows us to learn and grow.


Above all… we’re people, we’re a TEAM. It means to us that we support each other.
We act with empathy and autencity, that brings a great atmosphere to work every day.
We’re are growing, not for our personal gain, but for each other.


We act with transparency by communicating internally and externally with frankness, honesty and respect for each other and towards our clients.



We always find a better way. We built a culture of innovation, continuous improvement and flexibility that empowers our team.

We help our team to grow personally and professionally while maintaining an optimal work/life balance. We strive to be the best version of ourselves, focusing on positive energy and building relationships that deliver results.

Our individual skills and strengths contribute to build a much stronger team and allow us to solve more complex problems and drive better results. We are open-minded, we trust and respect each other, and we infuse passion into what we do.

One of our advantage is that we pursue diversity because we believe that different cultures, languages, views and experiences have a positive impact in not only meeting but also exceeding expectations.

Do you want to join our family?



We customise services for startups and SMEs that fit your business model quickly and easily.
We leverage the strength that you have.

Branding & Design

Branding establishes a unique image for your company and differentiates its online presence in the market from the rest of your competitors and brands. Also it creates a unique symbol that can be recognised much esier and attract new audience to make a significant impact in your business and retain more customers.

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Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine optimisation is the process of practices to get your website in high ranks in search engine results to increase quality and quantity of visitors to your website through organic searches.
An effective SEO Strategy is one of the most important actions that can benefit your business by increasing traffic on your website.

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Data Analytics

Analytics provide an overview to understand how your digital properties are performing and how users interact with your site, behaviour, interests…
Knowing your customers better ensures that you can make the right decisions and enhance user experience achieving your business goals.

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Web Design, Development & Optimisation

A good design can positively impact your website position in search engines, traffic, conversion rates, user experience, and many other aspects of your business that contribute to your growth.

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